Energy Education in the Schools

The first step towards achieving energy awareness begins in the schools. In 2011, the Sitka Conservation Society launched an energy education program called Energize to Educate. The program consists of five comprehensive lessons spread across the school year and make students more aware of the role of energy in the world today. The lessons cover Sitka's energy situation and conservation, fossil fuels in Alaska, home weatherization, home and building energy audits, and a tour of the Blue and Green Lake Dam that produce the town's hydroelectricity.

The first lesson on hydroelectricity already reached one third and fourth grade class, as well as every sixth grade class. In December, one fourth grade class completed the second lesson on fossil fuels in Alaska and so did the entire seventh grade. Over 270 students received a portion of the energy curriculum by the first semester.

Despite the program's initial success, additional program support to the school board is needed to ensure that all lessons are available to students since it is not yet part of the school's guaranteed curriculum. However, several teachers at Keet Goohsi Heen Elementary and Blatchley Middle School expressed interest in completing the program in the next semester of the school year.

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