Energize! Sitka Offers Locals Free Training in an Unexpected "Green" Career

Energize! Sitka provided locals with the opportunity to get their certification in hazardous waste removal free of charge as a critical part of its mission to provide careers that make our community a little more "green". Sara Martin, Grant Director for Energize! Sitka partnered with Vocational Training and Resource Center (VTRC) based out of Juneau to bring this often forgotten green career.

What is HAZWOPER, you might ask? HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Responders. This 40-hour intensive course led by John Lewis, instructor from VTRC, guided participants through proper clean-up procedures for those engaged with hazardous waste removal. Course topics included overview of safety standards and regulations, toxicity, risk assessment, personal protective equipment (such as the one shown in the photo the left), and safe work practices to name a few.

Six of the participants completed the course in its entirety and passed the exam to either receive their first HAZWOPER certification or attain re-certification.


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