Support our Tongass Community Organizing and Outreach!

Much of our successful outreach comes from our boots-on-the-ground organizing and our ability to connect with people in person in all of these places. We have employees who find creative ways to travel and organize across the region building relationships and meeting people in the places they work and care about. By doing this we collaborate with local organizations, engage the media, and rally the community to successfully amplify their voices to agency directors and elected officials. Our organizing work is helping keep democracy alive and ensuring that the people outside of Juneau and Washington, DC are heard!

Community organizing is critical to help people know what is going on in the legislative realm, in the inner workings of state and federal agencies, and to fight back against the special interests and lobbyists.

If you want to help keep this movement going, we need your support! 

This money will fund our important Tongass community organizing work and the continuation of these outreach efforts that have had such a powerful impact.