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Gheistéen yoo xat duwasaakw. L'uknax.adi aya xat. Kayaash Ka Hittaan aya xat. Deikeenaa yadi xat sitee. Kaagwaantaan dachxan aya xat. My Tlingit name is Daanax.ils'eik and my borrowed name is Chuck Miller. I am of the Raven/Coho Clan of Sitka. I come from the Mother Coho Clan House here in Sheet'ka. I am the Child of the Haida people of Kasaan, Alaska. I am the Grandchild of the Kaagwaantaan (Wolf Clan). I was born and raised here in Sitka and for a portion of time in Haines, Alaska. My parents are the late Malcolm (Jay) and Mary I. Miller. My grandparents are the late Ed and Sarah James. Growing up here on the land of my maternal Uncles, I have a lot of respect for the land and the sea that many of us enjoy on a daily basis and harvest our subsistence foods. To be able to share my knowledge, that was gifted to me by our local Tlingit elders, with the Sitka Conservation Society is an honor and privilege. Gunalchéesh!