Celebrate Biodiversity At This Year's BioBlitz

Events will take place August 17th-19th

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What on earth is biodiversity? A measurement of the variety and concentration of lifeforms in a given area, biodiversity is often used by researchers to gage the overall health of ecosystems.Who and what lives here? What mushrooms, bugs, crabs, whales, seaweed, owls, deer, and salmon share Sitka as their home? By documenting and better understanding the organismic makeup of Sitka, organizations like SCS whose mission is to protect treasures like the Tongass National Forest, can take appropriate measure to defend the habitats that these plants, animals, fungi, and insects depend on.

This year's BioBlitz offers a fun and educational opportunity for the Sitkan community to help scientists perform a rapid (24-hours only!) biological survey of a 7-square mile section of Sitka. Have you ever wanted to learn more about local plants, owls, or insects? Maybe your family is eager to set night-time insect traps within the largest remaining temperate rain forest in the world. Fun options are abound for everyone at this year's BioBlitz, providing unique opportunities to learn from experts and professional naturalists from across the state on their surveys. Help us document, celebrate and protect the biodiversity that makes this magical place unique!

Join us to kick off the event on Friday, August 17th at 7:30pm with a discussion of Southeast Alaska's fascinating biodiversity presented by biologist and author Bob Armstrong.

Blitzing will begin Saturday, August 18th at noon and run for a full twenty four hours. There will be many opportunities to join scientists on survey teams and various activities for all ages!

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