Sitka Community Conservation Corps

The Sitka Conservation Society is fielding a Community Conservation Corps to do work to maintain, improve, design, and build community facilities as part of a COVID economic relief program in partnership with the City of Sitka and other community organizations. Projects will include mountain bike trail construction, facilities maintenance, Goddard Hot Springs water system improvements, landscaping, and more. Work will take place throughout the rest of 2020. We are looking for individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or furloughed because of the pandemic and are eager to work on outdoor projects. Previous experience in trail building, construction, physical labor, landscaping, Alaska-skills and know-how, and any certifications are a plus.

Corps Leader

The Corps Leaders organize the Corps, set up the work, oversee the work on the ground, and work along the Corps to get the jobs completed. Experience being on a crew, running a crew, and putting together projects is needed. Certifications for first aid, CPR, wilderness first aid, clean driver’s license, or specialized skills are pluses.

Corps Members

The Corps members are the ones who get the projects done. Corps members should be willing to work hard, be willing to learn, and have experience working outdoors in Alaska. Experience is a plus. Certifications may be necessary (Drivers license, CPR/First Aid, Wilderness First aid, specialized skills, etc.).

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About the Community Conservation Corps

As Alaskans, we know that we all need to pull together to make our communities work. As a nation, we need to rise to the challenges we face, and overcome division to make investments that will ensure a prosperous future. This is especially true in the face of the COVID19 pandemic, which has restructured our local and national economy, leaving many Sitkans lacking financial and social stability, at a moment of widespread economic, environmental, and social change.

When the City of Sitka requested proposals for programs that put Sitkans to work developing and maintaining community recreational infrastructure, SCS responded. We have always been inspired by the 1930’s era Civilian Conservation Corps that FDR developed as part of the New Deal. The CCC put hundreds of thousands of Americans to work planting trees and building parks and trails across the country, including the Mt. Edgecumbe trail and shelters at the Halibut Point Recreation Area in Sitka. With our response to the City, we’re envisioning a CCC for the 21st century, addressing the current unemployment crisis while creating lasting benefits for the community.

The City was pleased with the Sitka Conservation Society’s proposal (and SCS was the only entity that put together a project proposal!) and we’ve now established a contract for the program to put Sitkans back to work building and maintaining recreation and visitor industry assets. Through the rest of 2020, SCS will be working closely with many local partners to plan, design, build and improve trails, cabins, and other infrastructure in the Sitka area, while providing skills to Corps members to help them secure future employment. 

We are currently recruiting Corps Members and Leaders for our Community Conservation Corps. The positions are open to Sitkans who have been impacted by the COVID crisis and are unemployed, underemployed, or furloughed. We are looking for people with a diversity of skill-sets who are eager to contribute to their community and willing to work outdoors this fall. The work is full-time but there is some flexibility in the timing of the work and scope of employment – applicants do not need to commit to 3 months of full-time work. We anticipate that folks may be able to work on specific projects over shorter time periods, as needs and skills align.

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