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                Landslide Overview                          Humans and Landslides                    The Starrigavan Valley Slide

What factors are the most important for landslides? How and when do they usually start? Why are there so many in Southeast Alaska? Logging is an obvious scapegoat for landslides, but how much does it destabilize slopes? Is climate change contributing to landslide activity? If so, in which direction? Find out how human activity contributes to increased landslide risk in Southeast Alaska. What happened in Starrigavan Valley this September? How much damage was there? Was this caused by human activity? Here's a quick synopsis of what happened, what didn't happen, and what we can expect in the future. Still curious? Find the Forest Service's preliminary report here and a longer preliminary write-up from SCS here.




Drone video of September 2015 N. Kramer landslide       Drone video of September 2015 Starrigavin landslide 


Drone video of September 2015 Kramer landslide

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