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Adam Andis, Communications Director and Wilderness Stewardship Coordinator, first came to Alaska on a multiple week sea kayak trip from Seward to Whittier. Afterwards, he began guiding wilderness sea kayak expeditions for Spirit Walker Expeditions in Gustavus, where he fell in love with the Tongass. In 2010, Andis came to SCS’s where he puts his guiding skills and B.S. in Environmental Studies to work on the Sitka Community Wilderness Stewardship Project. In addition to continued preservation and advocacy work with the Wilderness Stewardship Project, he also leads SCS’s efforts to connect to membership through outreach programs, and raise funds for both SCS and the Living Wilderness Fund. Andis is a founder and board member of the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance, an organization committed to developing a growing network of volunteer wilderness stewards. He also runs a media and design business, Nunatak Design, and is an American Canoe Association kayaking instructor and Leave No Trace Master Educator.

Recent Posts by Andis:

  • Expedition: Stag Bay

    Expedition: Stag Bay

    In the summer of 2010, the SCS Wilderness crew packed up and headed north for an attempt at circumnavigating Yakobi Island by kayak. The weather and health of the crew were not cooperating, so paddling around Yakobi was not an option. Instead, the crew traveled to Stag Bay across Lisianski Strait, which turned out to [...]

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  • Reboubt Falls Land Transfer

    Reboubt Falls Land Transfer

    Sealaska is moving forward with plans to take ownership of Redoubt Falls.  Stakes have been placed, and opportunities for public comment on this divisive plan are limited. Although Sealaska has claimed in the past that the public will continue to have access to the most important subsistence sockeye stream close to Sitka, there doesn’t seem [...]

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  • Expedition: West Chichagof

    Expedition: West Chichagof

    West Chichagof Wilderness has always been near and dear to our hearts here at SCS, in fact we probably wouldn’t be here today if our founders hadn’t fought for its protection (check out the whole history here).  And we still protect it today, by monitoring on the ground conditions that lead to effective management decisions [...]

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  • Expedition: Rust Lake

    Expedition: Rust Lake

    Rust Lake Expedition 2010 One could characterize our hike from Rust Lake in the interior of West Chichagof out to the head of Patterson Bay as many things: ridiculously soggy, heinous bushwhacking, an exercise in patience, pathetically jovial, steep, slippery, but no one could ever characterize it as goldfishing, a term we arrived at after [...]

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  • Expedition: Red Bluff

    Expedition: Red Bluff

    Red Bluff Bay is one of the most iconic places on Baranof Island. The area gets its name from the red, ultramafic (meaning high iron content) of the bedrock outcrop that marks the entrance of the bay. SCS’s Wilderness Crew, accompanied by author Nick Jans, targeted the bluffs as a prime environment to survey for [...]

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  • Expedition: Goulding Lakes

    Expedition: Goulding Lakes

    Goulding Lakes are a series of three large lakes right in the middle of West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness area.  In the summer of 2010, the SCS Wilderness Crew comprised of SCS staff and a number of volunteers, flew into the largest of the lakes with the goal of survey priority areas as they backpacked north to [...]

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