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Adam Andis, Communications Director and Wilderness Stewardship Coordinator, first came to Alaska on a multiple week sea kayak trip from Seward to Whittier. Afterwards, he began guiding wilderness sea kayak expeditions for Spirit Walker Expeditions in Gustavus, where he fell in love with the Tongass. In 2010, Andis came to SCS’s where he puts his guiding skills and B.S. in Environmental Studies to work on the Sitka Community Wilderness Stewardship Project. In addition to continued preservation and advocacy work with the Wilderness Stewardship Project, he also leads SCS’s efforts to connect to membership through outreach programs, and raise funds for both SCS and the Living Wilderness Fund. Andis is a founder and board member of the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance, an organization committed to developing a growing network of volunteer wilderness stewards. He also runs a media and design business, Nunatak Design, and is an American Canoe Association kayaking instructor and Leave No Trace Master Educator.

Recent Posts by Andis:

  • Sitka Gives a Dam

    Sitka Gives a Dam

    Background: In Sitka, we take climate change seriously–so seriously that the community just invested $96 million dollars into a hydroelection project at Blue Lake that will greatly cut our fossil fuel consumption. The project came at an enormous price, but the benefits to the climate and our quality of life are worth the price.  Unfortunately, [...]

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  • Second-growth in High School Wood Shop

    Second-growth in High School Wood Shop

    Since the Forest Service first announced its Tongass Transition Framework in early 2010, the Sitka Conservation Society has both partnered with the agency and sought models to demonstrate ways Tongass second growth timber can be used locally and sustainably.  We know there is a significant interest in the use of local wood, and we believe [...]

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  • Salmon Community

    Salmon Community

    Salmon are the backbone of the economy and the way-of-life in Southeast Alaska.  Many of our regional leaders recognize the importance of salmon for Southeast Alaska and recently worked with the Sitka Conservation Society to articulate why Salmon are important and the efforts they are taking to protect and sustain our Wild Salmon Populations.  With [...]

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  • Take Action: Tell the Forest Service to follow through

    Take Action: Tell the Forest Service to follow through

    Background: The US Forest Service has adopted the Tongass Transition Framework, a program intended to shift forest management away from the out-dated and ill-fated old growth logging paradigm toward management that support multiple uses of the forest, including recreation, restoration, subsistence, and second-growth management.  This is an encouraging recognition of the region’s important natural resources, [...]

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  • Wilderness Volunteer’s Reflection

    Wilderness Volunteer’s Reflection

    Ricky Sablan is a law enforcement ranger with the Sitka National Historical Park.  He joined the SCS Wilderness crew on a Community Wilderness Stewardship Project expedition to South Baranof Wilderness in the summer of 2012.  Be sure to check out his videos from the trip below. Walking onto a boat called “The Gust”, we loaded [...]

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  • Congress vs. the Environment

    Congress vs. the Environment

    As citizens across the country watch the antics of the 112th Congress, we are all left wondering, “where is the leadership we need to take on the challenges we are facing in the world?  When are we going to take care of our environment?  When are we going to move away from fossil fuels to [...]

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  • Kayak Skills/Rescue & Wilderness Monitoring Training

    Kayak Skills/Rescue & Wilderness Monitoring Training

    Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, 2012, 10am-5pm ACA instructors Adam Andis and Darrin Kelly will teach all of the skills you need to be a safe and confident paddler, so that you can get out and enjoy our coastal wilderness areas and volunteer with the Sitka Community Wilderness Stewardship Project to collect needed [...]

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  • Living with the Land Blog

    Living with the Land Blog

    In the Tongass, people live with the land. We are constantly learning from it–learning how to build communities that are part of the landscape rather than a place away from it. In this blog we want to share with you some of those lessons we’ve learned and the experience of learning them first hand.   [...]

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  • “Calvin” Cave

    “Calvin” Cave

    CALVIN CAVE is named for Jack Calvin one of the original founders of the Sitka Conservation Society who helped to protect West Chichagof as a Wilderness area.  The following report and map were produced by Kevin Allred with the Tongass Cave Project.  Kevin joined the SCS Wilderness crew on a trip to West Chichagof in [...]

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  • Volunteer with the Wilderness Project

    Volunteer with the Wilderness Project

    Interested in volunteering with the Community Wilderness Stewardship Project?  Here are a couple of ways to get your hands dirty protecting you local Wilderness Areas: Heading out into the Wilds on your own? If you are planning to get out hunting, hiking, fishing, paddling, etc. in a designated Tongass Wilderness Area (like West Chichagof-Yakobi or [...]

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