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Adam Andis, Communications Director and Wilderness Stewardship Coordinator, first came to Alaska on a multiple week sea kayak trip from Seward to Whittier. Afterwards, he began guiding wilderness sea kayak expeditions for Spirit Walker Expeditions in Gustavus, where he fell in love with the Tongass. In 2010, Andis came to SCS’s where he puts his guiding skills and B.S. in Environmental Studies to work on the Sitka Community Wilderness Stewardship Project. In addition to continued preservation and advocacy work with the Wilderness Stewardship Project, he also leads SCS’s efforts to connect to membership through outreach programs, and raise funds for both SCS and the Living Wilderness Fund. Andis is a founder and board member of the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance, an organization committed to developing a growing network of volunteer wilderness stewards. He also runs a media and design business, Nunatak Design, and is an American Canoe Association kayaking instructor and Leave No Trace Master Educator.

Recent Posts by Andis:

  • Wilderness Volunteers Needed

    Wilderness Volunteers Needed

    Interested in volunteering with the Community Wilderness Stewardship Project?  This year we’ll have a number of opportunities for you to get into the field with SCS staff and USFS Wilderness Rangers to help collect monitoring data, remove invasive weeds, and enjoy our amazing Wilderness areas. Below are the trips and dates with spots available for [...]

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  • Leave No Trace Trainer Course: June 8 and 9

    Leave No Trace Trainer Course: June 8 and 9

    Saturday, June 8th and Sunday June 9th (we will be camping overnight at Starrigavan Campground, Sitka) Description:  This course will allow participants to learn, practice, and teach the principles of Leave-No-Trace outdoor ethics and will certify participants as LNT Trainers.  The Leave-No-Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a national organization dedicated to teaching people how [...]

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  • Sitka: A Tongass Salmon Town

    Sitka: A Tongass Salmon Town

    In 2011, SCS began the Sitka Salmon Tours program.  The goal of the tours was to give visitors a salmon’s eye view from the forests where the salmon are born, to the ocean, the fisher and processor, and finally to our plates.  We’ve discontinued the Salmon Tours for 2013.  Instead, we have distilled all of [...]

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  • Backwoods Lecture: 300 Years of Wilderness

    Backwoods Lecture: 300 Years of Wilderness

    Ever wonder where the idea of wilderness came from? Follow the first explorers of Alaska, like Georg Steller, the German naturalist aboard the S/V Gabriel with Vitus Bering upon the first “discovery” of Alaska’s coast or the Episcopal priest Hudson Struck who made the first ascent of Denali, as they struggle to frame their experiences [...]

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  • Green Drinks!

    Green Drinks!

    Join SCS staff at Green Drinks, the monthly environmental get-together.  With no agenda and no membership or admission fees, Green Drinks is a nice way to have some informal conversation on whatever environmental or community topics you want to bring to the table. This week’s event will be hosted by Tracy Gagnon, SCS’s Community Sustainability [...]

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  • Parade of Species 2013

    Parade of Species 2013

      Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2013 Parade of Species!  The costumes were creative, the activities were fun, and march was a truly WILD time! We hope that you will remember to celebrate Earth Day every day and help us here at the Sitka Conservation Society to protect the natural environment of the [...]

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  • Take Action: Salmon, Water, Alaskans need your help

    Take Action: Salmon, Water, Alaskans need your help

    Salmon, water, and the Alaskans who depend on them need your help! Right now, the Alaska State Senate is debating whether or not they should make it more difficult for Alaskans to protect the water in their backyards for salmon habitat.  HB77, the In-Stream Water Reservations Bill, would convolute an already convoluted public process, eliminating [...]

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  • America’s Salmon Forest at the AK Forum Film Fest

    America’s Salmon Forest at the AK Forum Film Fest

    SCS’s short documentary Restoring America’s Salmon Forest was selected to show at the Alaska Forum on the Environment Film Festival on Friday, February 8, 2013 in Anchorage.  The film focuses on a multi-agency effort to increase salmon returns on the Sitkoh River in Southeast Alaska’s Chichagof Island, by improving the spawning and rearing habitat and [...]

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  • Expedition: Outer Island Survey

    Expedition: Outer Island Survey

    This expedition is part of Sitka Conservation Society’s Community Wilderness Stewardship Project.  The Project, begun in 2009, is a partnership between SCS and the Tongass National Forest Service to collect base-line data on the ecological conditions and human impacts to designated Wilderness areas.  The Tongass NF in Southeast Alaska is the nation’s largest National Forest [...]

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  • Trappers Needed: ISLES Study

    Trappers Needed: ISLES Study

        This past week, I checked an usual piece of luggage with me on the plane down to Albuquerque: a box of frozen Marten, Ermine, and River Otter skulls, femurs, and intestinal parasites. I was delivering my parcel to Steve O. MacDonald and Dr. Joe Cook (who literally wrote the book on Alaskan mammals) [...]

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