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Honored in tradition, loved, feared and respected across every ocean on earth, killer whales have tantalized our curiosity for lifetimes. I had the opportunity to face these intelligent animals on Alaskan waters while cruising with Pauli Davis of Gallant Adventures. The encounter was humbling, unforgettable, and reminded me that truly wild places like Sitka Sound are absolutely unique, and that it is imperative that we protect wildlife on these pristine coasts so that we can continue to have interactions like these. Seeing these whales helps us retain our connection with the natural world and instills a respect for the animals with which we share it.

Enjoy the little video I put together on the encounter.

[quote]"Perhaps one of he most beautiful things about killer whales is that they are always going to be a haunting, formidable and utterly mysterious presence moving somewhere at the dark watery edge of our world." Richard Nelson[/quote]

[tentblogger-vimeo 48113395]

Thank you over and over again Pauli Davis for such a wonderful trip! Check out Gallant Adventures Wildlife Tours:http://www.gallantadventures.com

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    commented 2020-04-12 13:45:16 -0800
    Go Whale Watching in Sitka with Gallant Adventures! www.gallantadventures.com
    The Sitka Conservation Society Rules!

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