4-H Annual Fishing Clinic

     This past weekend 4-H collaborated with Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the Annual Fishing Clinic. Troy Tydingco and Matt Catterson, fisheries biologists from ADF&G, taught a group of 4-Hers fishing skills as a part of the 4-H Alaska Way of Life program.

            4-Hers pick out beads to add to their lures.

In the classroom portion of the clinic, children learned how to tie the “improved clench” knot (commonly known as the fisherman’s knot) and created their own unique fishing lures courtesy of ADF&G. Each participant added a creative touch to the homemade spinners. 4-Hers sharpened their casting skills by practicing with both spin cast and spinning reels while using hooli-hoops for target practice.


 Troy and Matt from ADF&G review casting technique while 4-Her’s practice their skills. 


Troy from ADF&G demonstrates the anatomy of a chum salmon to 4-Hers

The beautiful weather allowed for an exciting fishing session at Eagle beach. 4-Hers got to put their new skills into action by tying swivels onto rods and casting with the hope of catching some Pink salmon.  Additionally, ADF&G dissected a chum salmon with the children to demonstrate salmon anatomy and increase their understanding of this important resource.


4-Her reels in a Pink Salmon with the help of Matt from ADF&G. Photos by Mary Wood

The group even enjoyed some visits from humpback whales and a Steller sea lion. A special thanks goes out to ADF&G, especially Troy and Matt, for taking the time to teach us some practical elements to such an important aspect of Sitka’s way of life.

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