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Building a sustainable food system through empowerment and education.

The Sitka Kitch seeks to improve the community health by enhancing local food security. The Sitka Kitch will serve as a business incubator and community resource center by providing access to a certified commercial kitchen. This will allow small businesses to develop new products based on local fish and other resources. It will also be a community classroom where courses in nutrition, home economics, and food management, can be taught. 


The Sitka Kitch is a collaborative project that brings together partners across the community to empower local food producers. The purpose of the Sitka Kitch is to provide access to a commercial kitchen and a bundle of services to its users that promote entrepreneurial development, food based education, and technical training.  The Sitka Kitch will allow the community to increase production and distribution of healthy local food rooted in Sitka’s unique resources. 

Sitka Kitch targets three types of users:

  • small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • food and culinary professionals
  • community members

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This project could not have happened without all of the support our partners provided:

We look forward to continuing to grow these partnerships and to creating a new, vibrant community space!




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