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Write to Senator Murkowski about Climate Change

Alaska’s Senator Murkowski is the Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, making her a very powerful person in determining the future of energy in America.  In order to avoid further environmental degredation from the effects of climate change, we need our leaders to support a transition to renewable energy.  Tell Senator Murkowski that we need action to address climate change now!  

Send this letter, or your own, to her at 709 Hart Senate Building, Washington, D.C. 205010 or through her contact form which can be found here.  You can also call her office at 202-224-6665.


Dear Senator Murkowski,

My name is _____ and I’m a resident of _______.  

I am writing to express my deep concern about climate change and the threat it poses to our country, our people, and our economy.

Climate change is wreaking disastrous effects on our nation. In Alaska, Arctic communities are slipping into the sea and melting permafrost is harming critical state infrastructure.  Ocean acidification is threatening the way of life of fishermen across the state. In California, residents are experiencing the worst drought in state history, complete with intense wildfires and mandatory water rationing. In Florida, the Everglades and other low-elevation communities are flooding as sea levels continue to rise.

Climate change is affecting our entire country. And it’s only going to get worse.

As Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, you are one of the most powerful people in the world when it comes to implementing climate change solutions. You have the power to catalyze renewable energy investments and phase out fossil fuel developments that accelerate climate change.

Senator Murkowski, I’m asking you loud and clear to get off oil and address climate change.

In order to secure a bright future for our nation and our children, we need to reshape our national energy policies and move away from fossil fuels. We need policies that prioritize clean, renewable, and reliable energy systems that do not harm our fellow Americans or the planet. We need to get away from the price volatility, environmental degradation, and corporate control of oil. And we need to do it now.

Transitioning away from an oil-based economy to a regenerative economy is an urgent matter.  The science shows that in order to stay under the 2 degrees Celsius of warming that the international community has agreed is an extremely hazardous mark, we need to keep 80% of identified fossil fuel reserves in the ground.  If we want a livable climate for generations to come, we cannot be expanding drilling - especially in sensitive regions like the Arctic.  We instead need to invest in alternative energy solutions and get on the path towards sustainability.

It’s about time the government listened to the people of the United States instead of just responding to oil corporations that have a vested interested in government. Please show us that you represent your constituents - not foreign oil corporations.  Act now to address climate change head on, for the people of Alaska, the United States, and the world.



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