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National headlines have already reported on a push within Congress to privatize our public lands. A slew of bills have been introduced that would transfer almost 3 million acres out of the Tongass National Forest. Around Sitka, this could mean that we lose all of the False Island road system lands, big tree/big buck forests in Hoonah Sound, and a constellation of in-holders in all of the best places to fish and hunt. These bills are a threat to subsistence, access, and our national heritage.

We are living in a time of uncertainty- it is unclear which stance the Trump Administration will take on the privatization of public lands. This holds huge implications for our way of life in Southeast Alaska, and we want to send a clear message about our stance on public lands now.

Southeast Alaskans are going to Washington DC this spring to speak out against land transfers and to help ensure that nothing is done to harm the most valuable fish producing watersheds in the Tongass.  Please help them by showing your support. Add your name, your fishing vessel’s name, or your organization's name to this petition.  They will carry it with them to Congress and tell them that we are standing together to protect our public lands.



Please complete the form to sign onto this letter and let our elected officials and agency decision makers know you support our public lands. Originally published by Trout Unlimited. 

We, the undersigned business owners, guides, outfitters, hunters and fishermen, and concerned Americans support conserving and maintaining access to our public lands and the fish and wildlife resources they support.

Public lands, and the Tongass National Forest in particular, drive the private-sector economy of Southeast Alaska. The Tongass’ abundant salmon runs, large deer and bear populations, and incredible scenery serve as the foundation for our commercial fishing, outfitter and guide, and tourism industries, which provide more than $2 billion in economic contribution and 25% of all jobs in the region annually.

As individuals that depend on access to abundant natural resources, we believe the Tongass National Forest must continue to be managed by the U.S. Forest Service on a multiple-use basis. We stand together in opposition to any effort to transfer management or ownership of Federal public lands in Southeast Alaska to State or private entities. We likewise oppose any proposals that threaten to unreasonably restrict public access or would harm fish and game populations by eliminating essential federal conservation designations and measures, such as the Tongass 77.


Will you sign? Please add your business, organization, or fishing vessel name if applicable.

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  • signed 2017-09-22 14:15:42 -0800
    Sarah O’Leary
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    Will you help protect salmon, the Tongass, and public lands? I signed- will you?
  • signed 2017-09-10 15:38:39 -0800
  • signed 2017-09-08 10:29:24 -0800
    The Southeast Alaska Archipelago, its resources and its native people are a unique and precious part of our national heritage. As such, it is crucial that they remain in the public domain where their ability to support a sustained lifestyle for their inhabitants and their beauty is accessible for all to experience and enjoy continues as a national responsibility. This is the real America, not a clear cut, mined over remnant created by a preoccupation with the economic interests of a select few at the expense of the interests of its rightful owners.
  • signed 2017-09-08 10:09:34 -0800
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    The People must speak for those organisms that can’t! Maintain habitat, keep carbon sequestered, and show the generations who will follow us that we hear their call.
  • signed 2017-04-11 09:10:03 -0800
  • signed 2017-04-10 18:03:01 -0800
  • signed 2017-03-12 17:23:27 -0800
    Lets keep public lands for the public!! The Tongass is more important to residents than just a source of timber jobs. It is subsistence, it is recreation, it is a resource for fisheries.
  • signed via 2017-02-11 23:00:38 -0900
  • signed 2017-02-11 10:41:43 -0900
    F/v saami
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    Clay McNeil
  • signed 2017-02-09 17:41:59 -0900
    F/V Erin K Troller and subsistence Alaskan depending on the Tongass
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    Will you help protect salmon, the Tongass, and public lands? I signed- will you?
  • signed 2017-02-09 12:02:01 -0900
    I am the owner and captain of the F/V Notorious. I strongly believe that our salmon habitat should be left in the hands of the National Forest System. The salmon fishing industry drives the economy in our region is a sustainably managed resource.
  • signed 2017-02-09 10:56:45 -0900
  • signed 2017-02-09 09:41:23 -0900
    Frances W Alderson
  • @SommerSchafer tweeted link to this page. 2017-02-09 09:31:57 -0900
    Will you help protect salmon, the Tongass, and public lands? I signed- will you?

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