The Sitka Conservation Society protects the natural environment of the Tongass National Forest while supporting the development of economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable communities within Southeast Alaska.

Our Focus Areas


The community of Sitka has a long tradition of local grassroots activism and engagement in local, state, and national politics. Sitkans value their home in this temperate rainforest and take political action to ensure the Tongass continues to provide for future generations of Southeast Alaskans. Through community events and by with individuals, we amplify the voices of Southeast Alaskans. Take action, donate, or become a member of SCS today!

Youth Engagement

We are helping empower young people to lead and thrive on a local, state, federal, and global scale. By sharing intergenerational knowledge, instilling values of conservation, teaching essential skills including hunting, fishing, gathering and gardening, and providing programming that fosters leadership, civic engagement, and environmental advocacy, we are preparing youth for the challenges of the future. These goals are achieved through our 4-H Alaska-Way-of-Life program, our high school civic engagement class, and the Sitka School District and local educational institutions. 

Regional Partnerships

As a founding member of the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, we have the opportunity to work with diverse partners across the region towards the common goals. We are striving for cultural, ecological, and economic prosperity for our families, communities and region. 

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