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Donate any amount over $30 and you will automatically become a year-long member with SCS! We'll keep you informed of our current campaigns and volunteer opportunities and will send you a beautiful calender. 

Individuals: Any individual who donates $30 or more will automatically become an SCS member. Click here to make an individual donation. 

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A Sitka Conservation Society membership can be as little as $30 a year. However, donations of any amount provide substantial support to SCS programming every year. Visit our donation page to give as little or as much as you wish. 

Top reasons to donate to SCS:

Big Trees. The beauty of the old-growth Tongass is unparalleled. SCS has fought for over 40 years to make it stay that way.

Empowered Kids.  SCS believes in the next generation. That's why we're passionate about our environmental education programs like Fish to Schools and 4-H.

Abundant Salmon.  We’ve built innovative partnerships to restore and protect salmon watersheds so that the lifeblood of our economy continues to thrive.  

Sustainable Community.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Sitka as our home. At SCS, we're working hard to make Sitka an Alaskan and national leader in sustainability. 

Way of Life.  We want everyone to love the our natural playground and resources as much as we do! Through education and outreach, we want to empower all Sitkans to celebrate our local foods, woods, and recreation opportunities. 

The Wild.  SCS began almost 45 years ago when our founders fought for (and won) protection of the West Chichagof Wilderness.  We continue to fight to ensure that the wild places we love will be around for our children to hunt, fish, kayak, hike, and boat in.

Tax Free!   We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Any and all contributions to us are tax deductible.


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