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Sitka Kitch is a turn-key kitchen rental facility. We are here to serve:


The First Presybterian Church requires a certificate of liability insurance for renters.  Check out for low cost liability coverage designed for a range of food-based businesses.  Insurance for one-time events can be found on the internet at sites like



APPLICATION FEE: Food processors wishing to use the kitchen on a regular basis for business development will be required to fill out an application for membership. This is a one-time fee for processing and verifying all insurance requirements.  Community users and education users are not required to fill this out unless there is an insurance requirement for their activity/needs.

$25.00, long-term repeat users to set up contract

ORIENTATION FEE: All users will be required to go through an education and training course with respect to the facility. This session(s) will cover information and training on all facility procedures and equipment as well as cleaning and maintenance procedures. This would be a one-time fee, with additional training offered to current members as needed or upon changes to the facility or procedures. Orientations are currently being scheduled upon request.

$10.00, one time fee

To schedule an orientation email contact Kristy Miller at 907-747-3356 or



CLEANING DEPOSIT: All users are required to pay a deposit each scheduled use. If, after inspection, the kitchen does not need additional cleaning and sanitization, the deposit will be returned to the user. $75.00

INSTRUCTOR FEE: $30/hour. This is for anyone interested in designing/creating their own cooking class. Insructors may charge students whatever they deem appropriate to cover their time, materials, etc. This is different from community classes that the Kitch sponsors.

COMMUNITY MEMBER FEE: $20/hour. This is for anyone interested in renting the kitchen to cook for themselves, family, or even host a small dinner or party. In this instance no food products should be sold and no admission paid for the event.

ENTREPRENEUR/BUSINESS MEMBER FEE: $20/hour for 4 hours or less. $15/hour if renting for 5 hours or more per use. This is for small businesses and entrepreneurs to create products that will be sold, used for catering, product development etc. 

NON-PROFIT FEE: $10/hour. This is for non-profit organizations, student organizations, etc. That are hosting an event or providing a community resource (4H classes, nutrition and canning classes, etc.)



FOOD HANDLING PERMIT AND ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Members will be required to possess and provide proof of a food handler’s permit and other permits as required by the State of Alaska DEC and any other regulatory agencies that apply. If possible, the kitchen will provide course and certification for new members.

INSURANCE: Members will be required to possess liability insurance policy of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, and designates the Sitka Kitch and First Presbyterian Church Sitka as an additional named insured.

Tenants/Users must be at least 18 years of age 

We currently do not have a way to cover community members who do have their own event / group insurance or who are not affiliated with a non-profit renting the Kitch. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update the website when more information is available. 

All users must fill out the following rental agreement:


Please contact us at for more information and make sure to check our calendar for potential availability.

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