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Issues: Community Sustainability

SCS originally formed because Sitka residents were outraged at the large scale clearcutting occurring around their home. They were also very concerned about pollution emitted from the Sitka pulp mill. As SCS has grown, our primary focus has remained on Wilderness and public land protection. However, as residents of Sitka we are obviously very concerned about community issues. In fact, our Community Outreach Coordinator and Community Sustainability Organizer positions were added to help us work in our community, SCS sponsors a Backwoods Lecture Series to help Sitkans learn more about the wildlife and resources of the Tongass. See Our Events Calendar at the bottom of the page for a schedule of SCS events.

Climate Change and Energy

Just because Sitka is a small town, the Sitka Conservation Society does not believe that means it can’t be a national leader in taking on climate change. The idea is that if little Sitka can take progressive steps, why can’t any other community?  To help address climate change in Sitka, SCS has advocated for increasing the city’s hydroelectric capacity and organized energy conservation programs to help individuals improve the energy efficiency of their homes.


Local FoodsLocal Foods

At the Sitka Conservation Society we are working towards creating a more resilient food system by supporting local efforts to protect the habitat of wild foods, support traditional harvest/subsistence lifestyles, increase local food production, create access to wild seafood, reform the school lunch program to include local foods, and increase awareness of local fishing culture.


Environmental Education

The Sitka Conservation Society provides diverse environmental education programs, which reach hundreds of people from preschool age through retirement age every year. Some of these programs are actually done in the classrooms of local schools, while other programs include public lectures and boat trips for the community at large.



Recent Posts:

  • Tales from the Tongass

    Tales from the Tongass

    The only thing more abundant than trees and salmon in the Tongass National Forest is the multitude of stories and memories that we’ve all made. There are many ways in which we can measure the “value” of the Tongass and the numerous gifts it provides us: the salmon caught, the electricity generated, the fresh water [...]

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  • Salmon Community

    Salmon Community

    Salmon are the backbone of the economy and the way-of-life in Southeast Alaska.  Many of our regional leaders recognize the importance of salmon for Southeast Alaska and recently worked with the Sitka Conservation Society to articulate why Salmon are important and the efforts they are taking to protect and sustain our Wild Salmon Populations.  With [...]

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  • 2012 WildFoods Potluck

    2012 WildFoods Potluck

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2012 WildFoods Potluck!  Check out the photos, get an update on the prize winners, and even see the presentation on SCS’s Restoration work below. And the Winners Are: Most Filling (Judges: Courtney Bobsin and Paul Killian) Ellen Frankenstein—Crab Loaf Chris Leeseberg—Lingcod Curry Prizes: Pickled Beach Asparagus (donated [...]

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  • What’s in Store for North Kruzof?

    What’s in Store for North Kruzof?

    We see it just about every day, and the time is coming for us to pay a little closer attention to it: Kruzof Island North Kruzof is the next item on the Forest Service agenda for a new management plan. But what does the Forest Service have in mind for north Kruzof? Something called an Integrated [...]

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  • Light returns to the JV House: An end to November’s Energy Conservation Challenge

    Light returns to the JV House: An end to November’s Energy Conservation Challenge

    “Do you know what the best part of energy fasting day is? When you open the refrigerator and there is light!” This is what my roommate told me as we sat in a dark kitchen with a few White E and homemade candles burning. This rather permanent state of darkness we had created for ourselves [...]

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  • SCS and Forest Service Staff on Raven Radio to Discuss Kruzof Public Meeting

    SCS and Forest Service Staff on Raven Radio to Discuss Kruzof Public Meeting

    SCS staff members Andrew Thoms and Ray Friedlander went on Raven Radio with Chris Leeseberg, a USFS fisheries biologist, on November 26th to talk about the Forest Service’s Kruzof Island project and a public meeting that will be happening at 6:30pm on January 16th 2013 at Centennial Hall. This upcoming meeting is unique in that [...]

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  • Have You Seen This Bird?

    Have You Seen This Bird?

              Attention all bird enthusiasts and nature-lovers! 97 birds with various sorts of colored leg bands have been spotted in Sitka. We need your help in recording sightings of these birds! The weekend before Thanksgiving, certified bird bander Gwen Baluss, Sitka High student Naquoia Bautista, and many volunteers banded Juncos, Chickadees, [...]

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  • My Alaskan Experience: Nora McGinn

    My Alaskan Experience: Nora McGinn

    Nora McGinn is a Junior in the Environmental Studies program at Knox College in Illinois.      

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  • The Sitka Conservation Society’s Wild Foods Potluck 2012

    The Sitka Conservation Society’s Wild Foods Potluck 2012

    Join us at the SCS Annual Wild Foods Potluck November 29th, 5:00-7:30 pm at Harrigan Centennial Hall This free, community event gives everyone a chance to come together and share meals made with locally foraged food, from fish and wild game to seaweed, berries and other traditional subsistence foods. All folks are asked to bring [...]

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  • Salmon Capital:  The Tongass National Forest

    Salmon Capital: The Tongass National Forest

    Sitka Conservation Society board member Richard Nelson spoke on salmon during Sitka Whalefest on the theme of “Cold Rivers to the Sea: Terrestrial Connections to our Northern Oceans.”  He spoke on the subject of one of the greatest manifestations of the connection between the terrestrial forests and the oceans:  our Wild Alaska Salmon. His eloquent [...]

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