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Issues: Community Sustainability

SCS originally formed because Sitka residents were outraged at the large scale clearcutting occurring around their home. They were also very concerned about pollution emitted from the Sitka pulp mill. As SCS has grown, our primary focus has remained on Wilderness and public land protection. However, as residents of Sitka we are obviously very concerned about community issues. In fact, our Community Outreach Coordinator and Community Sustainability Organizer positions were added to help us work in our community, SCS sponsors a Backwoods Lecture Series to help Sitkans learn more about the wildlife and resources of the Tongass. See Our Events Calendar at the bottom of the page for a schedule of SCS events.

Climate Change and Energy

Just because Sitka is a small town, the Sitka Conservation Society does not believe that means it can’t be a national leader in taking on climate change. The idea is that if little Sitka can take progressive steps, why can’t any other community?  To help address climate change in Sitka, SCS has advocated for increasing the city’s hydroelectric capacity and organized energy conservation programs to help individuals improve the energy efficiency of their homes.


Local FoodsLocal Foods

At the Sitka Conservation Society we are working towards creating a more resilient food system by supporting local efforts to protect the habitat of wild foods, support traditional harvest/subsistence lifestyles, increase local food production, create access to wild seafood, reform the school lunch program to include local foods, and increase awareness of local fishing culture.


Environmental Education

The Sitka Conservation Society provides diverse environmental education programs, which reach hundreds of people from preschool age through retirement age every year. Some of these programs are actually done in the classrooms of local schools, while other programs include public lectures and boat trips for the community at large.



Recent Posts:

  • SCS Summer Boat Tours Start June 1st

    SCS Summer Boat Tours Start June 1st

    The first of six boat tours to take place throughout the summer.  Mark your calendars! June 1st, Saturday 10am June 11th, Tuesday 5:30pm – Cancelled June 27th, Thursday 5:30pm July 23rd, Tuesday 5:30pm August 13th, Tuesday 5:30pm Check back soon for more information on tour topics and speakers.  See you on the boat!   A [...]

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  • Spring Wild Edibles Course  – FULL (sign up for wait list)

    Spring Wild Edibles Course – FULL (sign up for wait list)

    THIS CLASS IS FULL.  To sign up for the waiting list, send your name, email and phone number to SCS is organizing a spring edibles course with the Kayaani Commission and instructors Scott Brylinsky and Kitty LaBounty. Students will learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare wild edibles from three distinct habitats in the [...]

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  • Backwoods Lecture: 300 Years of Wilderness

    Backwoods Lecture: 300 Years of Wilderness

    Ever wonder where the idea of wilderness came from? Follow the first explorers of Alaska, like Georg Steller, the German naturalist aboard the S/V Gabriel with Vitus Bering upon the first “discovery” of Alaska’s coast or the Episcopal priest Hudson Struck who made the first ascent of Denali, as they struggle to frame their experiences [...]

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  • Running the Country!  Sitkans Plan to Take GMO Message Across the United States

    Running the Country! Sitkans Plan to Take GMO Message Across the United States

    SITKA CONSERVATION SOCIETY PARTNERS WITH RUNNING FAMILY!   Brett, Kris, David, and Olivia Wilcox are pleased to announce that the Sitka Conservation Society is now partnering with them as they run across America in their efforts to raise awareness about genetically modified organisms that can pose a danger to health and the environment. The Sitka [...]

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  • Jig Saws and Jack Planes and Clamps, Oh My!

    Jig Saws and Jack Planes and Clamps, Oh My!

    “You’re going to want to burn two and then mark it 13.5,” Judi says to her workshop buddy Linda. Linda carefully measures across a piece of hemlock harvested from Starrigavan Valley and marks it with a pencil. She pulls out the tape measure and goes over it again (measure twice and cut once!) as Judi [...]

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  • Summer Boat Tours – Back by Popular Demand

    Summer Boat Tours – Back by Popular Demand

    See new places, new perspectives and learn more about this wild place we live in! Whether you are a born and bred Sitkan, or a recent transplant to the Tongass, the SCS Summer Boat Tour series offers an excellent opportunity to get out to explore and learn more about Sitka Sound and the Tongass. There will be [...]

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  • Parade of Species 2013

    Parade of Species 2013

      Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2013 Parade of Species!  The costumes were creative, the activities were fun, and march was a truly WILD time! We hope that you will remember to celebrate Earth Day every day and help us here at the Sitka Conservation Society to protect the natural environment of the [...]

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  • Science Sharing Night Monday, April 29th, 7:00 pm, UAS

    Science Sharing Night Monday, April 29th, 7:00 pm, UAS

    Want to learn more about the genetics of Alaska yellow cedar or intertidal beetles, marine mammal bioacoustics, winter song bird hangouts, the effects of forest thinning on deer habitat, and stream chemistry? The Second Annual Sitka Science Sharing Night from 7-8:30 p.m. on Monday, April 29, at the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus Room [...]

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  • “Do the Math” Film Screening – Thurs. April 25th

    “Do the Math” Film Screening – Thurs. April 25th

    In honor of Earth Week, the Sitka Conservation Society invites folks to a screening of “Do the Math,” a thought provoking and action motivating film about the battle between the fossil fuel industry and our future as a species.  This film showing is free and open to the public. Thursday, April 25th, 7:30 pm Larkspur [...]

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  • Gavan Forest: The Natural History

    Gavan Forest: The Natural History

    Check out this in-depth natural history of the Gavan Forest in Sitka, put together by naturalist Richard Carstensen.  Download the report HERE. Open publication – Free publishing – More alaska

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