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Clarice Johnson-Reid, Office Manager, is a Tlingit Alaska Native, born and raised in Sitka. She previously worked for the Sitka Native Education Program and fished commercially for salmon and halibut in Southeast Alaska for over 27 years. Clarice is a former Sitka Conservation Society board member and treasurer for Friends of Southeast’s Future.

Jan 31 2013

“Changing Shorelines and the Search for Early Habitation Sites: a Talk by Jim Baichtal, Tongass Forest Geologist”

Friday, February 8th, 7:00 pm, UAS, Sitka, Room 220

Learn about research into the interactions of ice, land and sea across Southeast Alaska at the end of the last ice age. Recent discoveries, some in the Sitka area have been used in an attempt to model changing shorelines from the end of the last ice age into the present.
You are invited to enter in to the discussion in hopes that you may know of places that will help with development and refining future models.
This talk is free and open to the public. If you have any questions, please call Kitty at 747-9432

Jan 24 2013

“Review of Earthquakes Along the Queen Charlotte Fault” Program


Natalia Ruppert,  Seismologist, Alaska Earthquake Information Center, GI UAF

  • Tuesday, January 29
  • UAS  Room 229

The Queen Charlotte fault is a strike-slip fault that marks the boundary between two tectonic plates: the Pacific Plate to the southwest and the North American Plate to the northeast. This fault has previously ruptured in major earthquakes, including a magnitude 8.1 on August 22, 1949; a magnitude 7.6 on July 30, 1972; and the recent magnitude 7.7 earthquake that occurred on October 28, 2012 off Haida Gwaii in British Columbia. On January 5, 2013, a magnitude 7.5 event was located near the northern end of the 1949 rupture but south of the 1972 event; i.e., it most likely occurred in the remaining rupture gap. This presentation will discuss characteristics of each of these earthquakes and how they are related to the tectonics of the Queen Charlotte fault.

This program is free and open to the public.  It is sponsored with the generous support of the US Forest Service, UAS Sitka Campus and the Sitka Conservation Society.

If you have any questions, please contact Kitty LaBounty at 747-9432

Sep 05 2012

“The Hydropolitics of Palestine and Israel: A Slide Show” ~ Sunday, September 23rd, 7:00 pm

With scant water resources, water is a dramatic mirror of power relationships between Israel and Palestine, and water distribution occupies a central role in the peace process. To learn about the role of water in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, join photojournalist Skip Schiel for “The Hydropolitics of Palestine and Israel: A Slide Show,” Sunday, September 23, 7pm, at Kettleson Memorial Library. Based on his most recent trip to Palestine and Israel in spring 2012, the presentation explores the impact of water on people and activities on both sides of the conflict.

Photojournalist Skip Schiel has documented Palestinian and Israeli reality through photographic images since 2003. Working with both Israeli and Palestinian organizations, his work provides the detailed texture of life among ordinary people in Gaza and the West Bank that is missing in the mainstream U.S. media. Schiel has taught photography and filmmaking in Boston and Palestine for over two decades, including at Cambridge Center of Adult Education, Landscape Institute (formerly at Harvard), Boston College, and in Palestine for Quaker Palestine Youth Program and Al Aqsa University in the Gaza Strip.

“The Hydropolitics of Palestine and Israel” is sponsored by Sitkans for Peace and Justice and Sitka Conservation Society. All perspectives are invited. For more information, contact Cindy Litman: 623.3969,

Water and Ghraybeh cookies will be served following the presentation. These rich traditional Middle Eastern butter cookies are named after the Arabic word for “swoon.”

Sep 04 2012

SCS Recommends: Southeast Alaska Wild Mushroom Identification Workshop

The University of Alaska will hold a Southeast mushroom identification class Thursday, September 13, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. with field trips Saturdays September 15 and 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fee is $49. SCS Board member Kitty LaBounty will instruct. Call Amanda at 747-7762 for more details or to register.

Aug 30 2012

Volunteer to walk our local beaches and help monitor the health of our environment!

If you like walking beaches, learning about natural history, and want to contribute to marine conservation, this volunteer program is for you.

The COASST Program will be conducting training in Sitka on September 15. No experience is needed, only enthusiasm, to become a citizen scientist and learn the arcane skill of identifying beached birds!

I have been involved with COASST for over 5 years. My family and I have adopted our favorite beach on Kruzof Island and we walk the beach several times each year looking for beached birds. The value of this effort is to establish a “baseline”, or what is normal, for birds to die and wash up on beaches. If we ever experience an oil spill, climate change, a change in the marine environment, or other environmental disaster we can then measure the actual impact on bird populations. COASST has an extensive network all along the west coast of North America.

Not only does our family get to collect valuable information, we also become intimately familiar with the natural history and seasonal changes on a place that is important to us, and we get to nurture a long-term commitment to the health of our local environment. It’s also lots of fun!

Check out COASST at

Scott Harris


Aug 30 2012

SCS Recommends: COASST Training in Sitka on September 15th

Help make a difference for the environment by collecting data for the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST).  COASST is a citizen science project dedicated to involving volunteers in the collection of high quality data on the status of coastal beaches, and trends of seabirds. Our goal is to assist government agencies and other organizations in making informed management and conservation decisions, and promote proactive citizen involvement and action. COASST volunteers systematically count and identify bird carcasses that wash ashore along ocean beaches from northern California to Alaska.  Volunteers need NO experience with birds, just a commitment to survey a specific beach (about 3/4 mile) each month.

If you are interested in participating, join COASST staff for a full, 6-hour training session. Hear about how COASST started, learn how to use the custom Beached Birds field guide, and try out your new skills with some actual specimens.  There is no charge to attend a training, but plan to provide a $20 refundable deposit if you would like to take home a COASST volunteer kit complete with a COASST Beached Birds field guide.  Training activities take place indoors, and include a break for lunch – please pack your own or plan to buy lunch nearby.

Upcoming COASST training session:

10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sitka Sound Science Center – 834 Lincoln Street Suite 200

If you can’t attend these events, please check our website at or call (206) 221-6893 for additional information on upcoming events and trainings.

To reserve your spot at a training session, please contact or 206-221-6893.

Jul 31 2012

Fishing for Change: a talk about Alaskan fishermen’s role in salmon enhancement and restoration

Elizabeth Cockrell, Sustainable Salmon Intern with the Sitka Conservation Society will explore the role fishermen played in the development of Alaska’s sustainable fisheries and management policies on Sunday, August 5th, 5pm at Kettleson Memorial Library.

Jul 19 2012

SCS Wilderness Boat Cruise – Sun. August 5th, 1 – 4 pm

Join us as we cruise north to the the West Chichagof Wilderness Area.  We’ll travel through Salisbury Sound to Fish Bay and Suloia Bay.  Guest speakers will include SCS Wilderness Coordinator, Adam Andis and Darrin Kelley, USFS Wilderness Ranger.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased with cash or check at Old Harbor Books located at 201 Lincoln Street.  Boarding will begin at 12:45 pm at the Crescent Harbor Loading Dock.  Hot beverages are complimentary and binoculars are available to use.  You are welcome to bring your own snacks.

These cruises are heavily discounted due to a generous non-profit rate donated by Allen Marine.  There are no additional discounts for babies, children or seniors.

Jul 10 2012

SCS Recommends: St. Lazaria Island Talk and Reopening of Bird Cam

Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges will celebrate the reopening of the St. Lazaria live sea bird cam 7 p.m., Thursday, July 12, at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Refuge Manager Steve Delehanty and biologist Leslie Slater will speak about St. Lazaria and provide an update of the ongoing research of the more than 500,000 nesting seabirds. For further information, contact Krisanne Rice at 747-4932

Jul 10 2012

Exciting Opportunities to Piggy-back with SCS and Reach Remote Locations!

The Sitka Conservation Society field crews are doing remote field work throughout the Tongass this summer.   Our field work this summer includes salmon-habitat restoration work at Sitkoh River and Sitkoh Lake, ecosystem conservation and connectivity work in Hoonah Sound, invasive plant removal in Wilderness Areas, helping teach a visiting University course on Alaska’s Forests, Fisheries and Wilderness, and much more.   On some of the trips, there are opportunities to jump on some of our flights or transport to get out to remote locations.  We hope that SCS members can take advantage of these opportunities and  get out to know and experience our Tongass backyard!

1)  Kayak Drop Off at False Island in Peril Straits, July 13th, $150:  Have you ever wanted to paddle the coast of the infamous Deadman’s Reach, watch for bubble-net feeding whales off Povorotni Island, walk through the majestic stands of Sitka Spruce in Ushk Bay, and ride the tidal currents through Segius Narrows?    Next weekend could be your chance to do it!!!  SCS is taking an Allen Marine transport boat that will be picking up a University Class at False Island on July 13th at 9am.  We have room for a total of 9 kayaks and camping gear (can be double Kayaks).   Reserve your spot on this transport and Kayak drop-off for $150 by contacting or 747-7509 (fee helps pay for transport to the site.  You are responsible for your own expedition, gear, etc.  We will drop you off at the False Island dock)

2) Peril Strait Boat Cruise Ride-Along, July 13th, $45:  The trip from Sitka North through Peril Straits is a maze of twisting waterways, islands, mountains, treacherous tidal currents, and beautiful bays and coves.  Ride along with SCS on an Allen Marine Boat for a pick-up at False Island.  The boat will leave at 9am and will return at approximately 1pm.  Bring your charts and see if you can follow-along with the route through the passage that separates Baranof and Chichagof Islands!  There are only 2 spots available on this trip so if you are interested in this opportunity to travel through Peril Straits, get your tickets now at SCS Offices.

3)  Float Plane Drop-off at Goulding Harbor in the West Chichagof Wilderness Area July 30th or 31st ($150/person):   Goulding Harbor is one of the most spectacular nooks in the West Chichagof Wilderness Areas.  Its unique shoreline is dimpled and littered with islets and coves and the long sloping beaches make for great brown bear habitat.  Two trail-heads depart from Goulding Harbor. One leads to White Sulfur Springs and the other follows an old mining rail-road to the Goulding Lakes.  It is an amazing place for a  wild and remote Wilderness Adventure.  SCS has scheduled a float plane pick-up at Goulding Harbor for a crew that will be coming in from a Wilderness expedition.  If you would like to take advantage of a float-plane drop off to explore the Goulding Harbor Area, this is your chance.  Contact (747-7509) for more information (This is a drop-off only.  Participants are responsible for their own travel plans and arrangements after drop-off).

Keep watching for more opportunities to get out and explore the Tongass.  SCS already has boat cruises scheduled and there may be more opportunities to piggy-back for travel to remote Wilderness Areas!


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